Welcome To TNT Strength


"I started TNT Strength in 2012 wanting to create a gym like no other gym. I wanted to create a place that when you walked in, the outside world no longer mattered. I wanted to create a place with no mirrors, lifting gloves or egos. A place with loud music, chalk and sweat. A place that I could openly train, coach and motivate others to do things they have never done before. A place to set goals and break personal Records. A place with one goal.... Become stronger than you were yesterday. TNT Strength has become that and more.


Not only has TNT become a unique training facility unlike other gyms. It has become a place where lifters love to be. For many, TNT is a home away from home. It has become a place where lifters from all over come to get top notch coaching and break personal records.


We have created a top level team of lifters that support each other no matter what the situation is, everyone is important and everyone plays a role in the success."




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